Deosai Plains – Fairy Meadows Tour

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Fairy Meadows and Deosai Plains Tour

Fairy Meadows, named by German climbers (German Märchenwiese, ″fairy tale meadows″) and locally known as Joot, is a grassland near one of the base camp sites of the Nanga Parbat, located in Diamer District, Gilgit-Baltistan at an altitude of about 3,300 meters above the sea level, it serves as the launching point for trekkers summiting on the Raikot face of the Nanga Parbat. In 1995, the Government of Pakistan declared Fairy Meadows a National Park.


Deosai Plains and Fairy Meadows Tour

DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive at least 2 hours before the flight.
Domestic Airfare Accommodations
Transportation Professional guide
Entrance fees
Guide gratuity

The grassland is surrounded by thick alpine forest. The high altitude area and north-facing slopes mostly consist of coniferous forest having Pinus wallichiana, Picea smithiana and Abies pindrow trees, while in the high altitude areas with little sunlight are birch and willow dwarf shrubs.

Deosai Plains National Park is a high-altitude alpine plain and national park in northern Pakistan. It is located largely within Astore District in Gilgit Baltistan. Deosai Plains are situated at an average elevation of 4,114 metres (13,497 ft) above sea level.

Day 01   Arrival Islamabad. (Hotel)
Day 02  Islamabad – Fly to Skardu.
Day 03  Skardu to Khaplu via Shigar.
Day 04  Khaplu to Deosai Plateau
Day 05 Deosai Plateau to Astore
Day 06 Astore to Fairy Meadows
Day 07         Gilgit – Raikot Bridge – 4×4 Jeep to Tato Village – 3 hrs trek to Fairy Meadows
Day 08 Fairy Meadows – 2-3 hrs trek to Beyal Camp
Day 09         Beyal Camp – optional hike to Nanga Parbat Base Camp – Beyal Camp
Day 10 Beyal Camp – trek back to Fairy Meadows
Day 11         Gilgit – Raikot Bridge – 4×4 Jeep to Tato Village – 3 hrs trek to Fairy Meadows
Day 12 Fairy Meadows – 2-3 hrs trek to Beyal Camp
Day 13         Fairy Meadows 3 hrs trek down to Tato Village – 4×4 Jeep to Raikot Bridge – drive to Besham
Day 14 Besham – Taxila – Islamabad
Day 15         Islamabad – Home



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