Kalash Festivals Tour

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Kalash Valley Spring Festival Tour

Kalash is a majestic valley of a small group of people which lies on the flank of the eastern range of Hindu Kush, embodied with three narrow valleys of Bumburet, Rumbur, and Birir and located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan.

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It is of the view that the people of Kalash are the last living representatives of the region of Kafiristan, which was a region extended across the mountain range of Hindu Kush from the eastern part of the Afghanistan.

The number of kalash has decreased so much so that only around 4000 people are residing in the valleys. The Kalashas are polytheistic and according to a renowned linguist Richard strand, is of the view that the people of Kalash practice an ancient form of Hinduism which gradually developed locally and got influenced by the neighboring areas of pre Islamic Nuristan.

The inhabitants of the Kalash valley celebrate a number of festivals all year round. The three predominant festivals are as follows

1)       Zhoshi (Chilim Jusht) Spring Festival (May 13—16)

It’s the religious festival of the Kalash which is alternately called as Spring Festival and it is celebrated every year from 13th to 16th May in all the three valleys. The purpose to celebrate this festival is to pray to God for blessing the New Year with prosperity, happiness, good health, better crops production, increase in dairy products, increase in animal herds, increase in fruits, increase in honey production etc. Simply the main theme of this festival to pray the deity for blessing them with economic uplift, better life conditions and prosperity.  During this festival all the Kalash women, men, boys and girls perform the rites of dancing, singing followed by sumptuous dinners. All of them wear new dresses; look full of life and happiness. As part of the tradition fresh milk and other dairy product of the goats and cows are served to the guests and to their own families too. Women decorate their houses and collect milk from the cattle. Moreover, one year old babies and their mothers are also purified in this festival.

2)      UCHAW (UCHAL) Festival (August 20-21)

Uchaw (Uchal) is the summer festival celebrated in by the Kalash community. This festival is celebrated only in the Kalash valleys of Mumuret (Bumborate) and Rukmu (Rumboor). The main purpose of celebrating this festival Uchaw (Uchal) is to pray to God and to offer thank for blessing prosperity, good health, happiness, good crops and good dairy product in high pastures.

After that the Kalash people gather in Ghriee (Charsoo) dance and sing in the Charsoo locally called Ghriee. After this festival, they Kalash start to hervest the maize crops, collect the grapes, walnuts and other fruits from their fields and orchards.

The people of Kalash valley celebrate the famous annual harvesting festival Uchal with singing, dancing and paying homage to the nature for blessing them with barley and wheat harvest season. Special foods, cheese, buttermilk and corn bread, are prepared for the event. Women in traditional dresses preformed dances.

3)      Phool Festival (mid-October)

The Phool/Autumn Festival is an annual colorful two days festival in Birir valley celebrated with high spirit and zeal. The festival marks the reaping of grapes and walnuts harvests. The people sing songs and perform traditional dances throughout the two days festival.

4)      Chaumas Festival (December 7-22)

The most important Kalash festival is the Chawmos (cawmos, ghona chawmos yat, khowar “chitrimas” from caturmasya, CDIAL 4742), which is celebrated for two weeks at winter solstice (c. Dec. 7-22), at the beginning of the month chawmos mastruk. It marks the end of the year’s fieldwork and harvest. It involves much music, dancing, and the sacrifice of many goats. It is  dedicated to the god Balimain who is believed to visit from the mythical homeland of the Kalash, Tsyam (Tsiyam, tsíam), for the duration of the feast. Food sacrifices are offered at the clans’ Jeshtak shrines, dedicated to the ancestors.

Zhoshi (Chilim Jusht) Spring Festival (May 13—16)

Day 01 (09 May 2019): Islamabad
Arrival at the airport in Islamabad, our guide and driver will meet you here, after meeting with our staff transfer to the hotel
Day 02 (10 May 2019): Islamabad – Chitral
Departure for Chitral via Lawari Pass (3118m), our today’s journey will be 10 hours drive, today we will cross some small cites and pasthon villages like Lower Dir, upper Dir etc, arrive in Chitral and transfer to the hotel
Day 03 (11 May 2019): Chitral – Bumburat (Kalash)
Departure for Kalash valley, 3 hours’ drive to Kalash village be through the most interesting narrow jeep track, arrive and transfer to the hotel
Day 04-07 (12/13/14/15 May 2019): Bumburat/Rumbor (Kalash)
Enjoy the jusht festival in Bumburat and Rumbor village in Kalash valley
Day 08 (16 May 2019): Kalash – Chitral
Drive back to Chitral, arrive and transfer to the hotel
Day 09 (17 May 2019): Chitral – Islamabad
Drive back to Islamabad, arrive and transfer to the hotel
Day 10 (18 May 2019): Fly to destination
Explore the twin city and in the evening drive to the airport and fly back to destination

Tour itinerary
UCHAW (UCHAL) Festival (August 20-21)

Day 01- 19 August, 2019
Arrival in Islamabad International airport and transfer to hotel, second session visit the capital city of Pakistan. Overnight stay at hotel
Day 02 – 20 August 2019
Departure for Chitral via Lawari Pass (3118m), our today’s journey will be 10 hours drive, today we will cross some small cites and pasthon villages like Lower Dir, upper Dir etc, arrive in Chitral and transfer to the hotel
Day 03-04 – 21-22-August 2019
Three full days to celebrating Uchaw (Uchal) festival and enjoy Kalash girls dance and other activities during the event.
Day 05 – 23 August 2019
Drive back to Chitral. Afternoon visit to Tooshi for wildlife watching and photography
Day 06 – 24 August 2019
Breakfast then departure for Islamabad, Lunch in Dir, Continue to drive towards Islamabad, arrival Islamabad and transfer to hotel.
Day 07 – 25 August 2019
Early morning drive to airport and fly back to home.
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