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Latok peaks expedition Gilgit Baltistan

Latok peaks are mixture of ice and rock climbing. Not all of Latok peaks faces are climb, there is plenty of opportunity for adventure lovers to come and make their first ascent.

In a Su-range of Pakistan’s Karakoram called Panmah Muztagh lies a cluster of mountains Latok-I (7145m), Latok-II (7,108m), Latok-III (6949m), and Latok IV (6,456m).

Big wall is the nature phenomenon, a precipice which has a steep more then 70 degree and the length more than kilometer. There are 20 big wall in the world and Latok is one amount them.

Latok peaks expedition Gilgit Baltistan

DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive at least 2 hours before the flight.
Domestic Airfare Accommodations
Transportation Professional guide
Entrance fees
Guide gratuity

First attempt on the North Ridge of Latok-I (7145m)

The North Ridge of Latok was first attempted in 1978 by an American expedition consisting of Jim Donini, Jeff Lowe, Michael Kennedy and George Lowe

Frist Ascent of Latok-I was first climbed in 1979 by a Japanese expedition team led by Naoki Takada

Frist Ascent of Latok-II (7108m) was first ascent in 1977, by an Italian group led by Arturo Bergamaschi. This was the first successful ascent in the group. They climbed the southeast face of the peak, and Ezio Alimonta, Toni Mase and Renato Balentini made the summit.

First Ascent of Lato-III (6,949m) the first ascent of Latok-III came in 1979, by a Japanese team under the leadership of Yoji Teranishi. They climbed the Southwest Ridge, and the summit party was Teranishi, Kazushige Takami and Sakae Mori. The second ascent, via the same route came in 1988, by an Italian party. This was in fact the first repeat ascent of any peak in the group.


Latok-I (7145) has finally been climbed after some thirty attempts by the team of Slovenian climbers Aleš Česen (36), Luka Stražar (29) and British climber Tom Livingstone (27) climbed three-quarters via North Ridge of Latok I (7145m) before traversing the West side and summiting through the original route on 9th August, 2018. They made the second ever ascent on the mountain after 1979. They have done it via a new route. The upper part of the North Face still remains unclimbed.

DAY 01 :Arrive Islamabad international airport and transfer to hotel
DAY 02:  Fly to Skardu
DAY 03:  paper working day in Skardu
DAY 04:  Briefing in Ministry of Tourism
DAY 05:  Drive by Jeep to Askoli
DAY 06:  Trek to Jhola
DAY 07 : Trek to Panmah pasture
DAY 08 : Trek to Morait
DAY 09:  Trek to Lamidokpa
DAY 10 : Trek to Latok base camp (Chocktai glacier)
DAY 11/30:  20 days climbing period of Latok peak
DAY 31 : Trek back to Lamidokpa
DAY 32 : Trek back to Morait
DAY 33 : Trek back to Panmah pasture
DAY 34 : Trek back to Jhola
DAY 35 : Trek back to Askoli
DAY 36 : Drive by Jeep to Skardu
DAY 37 : Fly back to Islamabad
DAY 38 : Reserve day (if flight does not operate due to bad weather)
DAY 39 : Free day at Islamabad
DAY 40 : Transfer to airport and fly back to home


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