Nanga Parbat Expedition


Expedition to Nanga Parbat

The Karakurm mountains are a great mountain range formed by the collision of Indo-Pakistan tectonic plate with the Asian Continent. The central Himalayan Mountains are situated in Nepal, while the eastern mountains extend to the borders of Bhutan and Sikkim. Nanga Parbat massif is the western corner pillar of the Karakurm. It is an isolated range of peaks just springing up from nothing, and is surrounded by the rivers Indus and Astore. Nanga Parbat or “Nanga Parvata” means the naked mountain, its original and appropriate name; however, is Diamir the king of the mountains. Nanga Parbat (main peak) has a height of 8, 1 26m. It has three vast faces.

Nanga Parbat is the second highest mountain of Pakistan and ninth highest in the world. It not part of the Karakoram. It is separated from the Karakoram by the mighty Indus River. Since the first disastrous British expedition started very early In 1895 A.D Albert Frederick Mummery led an expedition to the peak, and reached almost 6,100 m (20,000 ft) on the Diamir (West) Face. mountaineers have tried to ascent its summit through different routes but few lucky ones have succeeded. In 1934 four German climbers and 6 porters perished in a storm. In 1937 disaster 18 Sherpas and 12 climbers were buried alive by avalanche that covered their camp.

Expedition to Nanga Parbat Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan


DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive at least 2 hours before the flight.
Domestic Airfare Accommodations
Transportation Professional guide
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Guide gratuity

In fact Nanga Parbat has claimed more lives than any other 8000ers relative to the number of attempts; hence it is named as the frightening nickname of Killer Mountain. It was first climbed in 1953 A.D. by a joint Austrian – German Expedition. Hermann Buhl made the final ascent in a hard 41 hours solo ordeal without oxygen. Italian mountaineer Reinhold Messner climbed the south face (Rupal Face) with his brother Gunther in 1970, descending by the Diamir face, where Gunther lost his life in an adventure.

Day 01

Arrive Islamabad. Overnight in hotel.

Day 02

Briefing at the Ministry of Tourism. Meeting with LO (Liaison Officer)

Day 03

12-15 hours drive to Chilas. Overnight in hotel.

Day 04

1/2 hour drive to Gonor Farm. 1/2-1 hour jeep to Zangot. 4-5 hours jeep to Kachal. Overnight in tents

Day 05

5-6 hours trek to Nanga Parbat base camp. Overnight in tents

Day 06-45

Climb Nanga Parbat. No. of days depends on weather, fitness, and experience of the climbers.

Day 46

Trek to Kachal

Day 47

Trek to Zangot and drive to Chilas.

Day 48

Drive to Islamabad.

Day 49

De-briefing in the ministry of tourism.

Day 50

Fly home to destination.


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